Your Trusted Custom Silicone Mold Manufacturer and Supplier

TOGOHK provides custom silicone molds for virtually any industry. Our silicone molds are manufactured and supplied according to your specifications, with precise drawings created through 3D software. High-precision molds are crafted using CNC machining to ensure the accuracy of the silicone molds tailored to your product needs.

  • Custom Silicone Mold Designs with CAD and PRO-E
  • Precision CNC Machining Ensures Accurate Mold Manufacturing
  • Versatile Production: 200-500T Molding Equipment for Any Size Silicone Mold

From TOGOHK Silicone Molds

Our silicone molds are crafted from 100% food-grade silicone, free from BPA. The silicone material is recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly option. With easy cleaning properties, smooth surfaces, and flexibility, our silicone molds effortlessly replicate products or components with specific shapes. These molds are dishwasher-safe and microwave-friendly.

TOGOHK offers customized silicone mold services, ensuring advanced considerations in silicone mold design and material application across various structures. We anticipate and address potential issues during the silicone mold design process. Additionally, we recommend different material hardness and grades based on the specific application environment of your silicone mold.

قوالب سيليكون مخصصة

silicone ice molds

TOGOHK Custom Silicone Ice Molds are made from food-grade silicone material, ensuring safe usage. The silicone used in our ice molds can be customized to match any Pantone color.

قوالب الشوكولاته السيليكون

Chocolate molds can be customized to produce various surface textures (glossy, frosted, patterned) based on your requirements. The choice is yours. We encourage customers to incorporate their logos into the molds they invest in, enhancing brand visibility and impact.

قوالب كعكة زهرة السيليكون

The number of cavities in silicone molds is flexible and can be customized according to your needs. Silicone Flower Cake Molds can be customized with a lid and a foldable structure. The silicone material can withstand temperatures ranging from -20°C to +200°C.

قوالب شوكولاتة ثلاثية الأبعاد

Customizing 3D chocolate molds allows for more three-dimensional chocolate creations. The soft silicone material makes demolding easier. Ideal for crafting visually stunning three-dimensional chocolates.

قوالب كيك باندت

TOGOHK’s custom cake molds effortlessly bring your creative ideas to life. Whether it’s animal shapes, floral patterns, or innovative designs, we can design molds to suit your unique preferences.

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