Silicone Ladle Manufacturer

TOGOHK provides a wide range of high-temperature resistant silicone ladles designed to prevent scalding during use and protect non-stick pans from scratches. These silicone ladles are primarily used for handling various seasonings, soups, and sauces during cooking. We can produce silicone ladles in different shapes according to your requirements.

  • مقاومة درجات الحرارة العالية
  • عدم الانزلاق
  • مواد غذائية
  • Reinforced handle design

Choose the Best Silicone Ladle from TOGOHK

Silicone ladles are essential tools for non-stick cookware in daily cooking. We offer personalized choices, whether for kitchen use, baking tools, or gifts for mom, making them the best choice. These ladles are reliable in quality, with their own features such as ease of use, heat resistance, practicality, and beautiful appearance. Each ladle is designed with a hanging hole for easy storage and beneficial drying after cleaning.

TOGOHK is one of the leading manufacturers specializing in producing various types of silicone ladles. All our silicone ladles have undergone and passed quality standard inspections and are FDA approved. Our workshop produces many such products every day.

Seamless Silicone Ladle
Seamless Silicone Ladle

The seamless silicone ladle from TOGOHK is crafted using a fully encapsulated seamless design. With a silicone outer shell and a metal core, it enhances the strength of the entire ladle, ensuring a longer lifespan.

Wooden Silicone Ladle
Wooden Silicone Ladle

This silicone ladle from TOGOHK features a wooden handle, catering to various customer preferences. The ladle combines silicone and stainless steel metal core construction, with the handle assembled as a secondary component. This design provides a novel overall product experience.

Stainless Steel Handle Silicone Ladle
Stainless Steel Handle Silicone Ladle

The TOGOHK stainless steel handle silicone ladle features a 304 stainless steel handle with a food-grade silicone material used for the tip. It is seamlessly molded for enhanced durability and overall sturdiness.

Olecranon Silicone Ladle
Olecranon Silicone Ladle

The olecranon design structure, resembling an eagle’s beak, facilitates the even pouring of soup, preventing situations where too much or too little is added during use. This silicone ladle represents a functional change aimed at improving usability.

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Advantages of Silicone Ladle


The combination of silicone and a metal core makes it both strong and flexible.

الحماية والوقاية

The soft silicone outer shell prevents damage to non-stick pans.


Silicone utensils and cookware colliding do not produce sparks, allowing for quiet cooking enjoyment.


TOGOHK uses safe and clean new raw materials for processing, ensuring the product’s safety in use.

Applications of Silicone Ladle

TOGOHK Silicone Ladle has various uses, including:

  • حساء الدجاج
  • Congee (عصيدة الأرز)
  • عصير فواكه
  • خليط
  • زيت
  • مياه
  • دقيق حمص
Applications of Silicone Ladle
Silicone Ladle Solutions

TOGOHK Silicone Ladle Solutions

If you choose TOGOHK for your Silicone Ladle solution, our silicone design can offer you the following suggestions:

  • Long handle design
  • لا يلتصق
  • لا يذوب في درجات الحرارة المرتفعة
  • لا رائحة
  • خيارات ألوان متعددة
  • Add your own logo (printing or laser)

Trusted Silicone Ladle Manufacturer - TOGOHK

مصنع توغوهك-1
مصنع توغوهك-3

TOGOHK is a trusted manufacturer in the field of Silicone Ladles, with over 15 years of experience. With our innovative production tools and technologies, we maintain stable daily production capacity. As customer market share continues to rise and demand grows, we have 20 molding machines ranging from 200T to 500T. Moreover, we plan to continuously increase equipment in the coming years to provide sufficient capacity supply.

Customization Range at TOGOHK
Customization Range at TOGOHK

At TOGOHK, we accept any customization requirements you may have:

  • Design: CAD / PRO-E / UG
  • Material: RoHS / FDA / LFGB compliant
  • Color: Support for Pantone colors
  • Size: Sizes up to 800mm
  • Structure: Minimal restrictions, as long as it does not affect mold manufacturing.
Silicone rubber Ladle
Product Configuration Options

You can choose from our recommended solutions or provide specific customization requirements, such as:

  • Stainless steel metal handle + silicone head
  • Wooden handle and silicone head
  • Entirely covered with seamless silicone + metal core
  • Plastic core + seamless silicone covering

Choose TOGOHK Silicone Ladle for Rapid Business Growth

Choosing Silicone Ladle Sizes
Choosing Silicone Ladle Sizes

The following sizes are not our only options; we accept custom designs:

  • 12.3 بوصة
  • 10.5 بوصة
  • خيارات مخصصة
Choosing Silicone Ladle Hardness
Choosing Silicone Ladle Hardness

Currently, the common Silicone Ladle hardness on the market is 60 Shore, but at TOGOHK, we offer more options:

  • 40 شور
  • 50 شور
  • 60 شور
  • 70 شور
Choosing Silicone Ladle Color Types
Choosing Silicone Ladle Color Types

The color options for our silicone portion have a strong random nature, but in addition to standard solid colors, we offer:

  • أحمر
  • أصفر
  • الأزرق
  • Gray + white mix
  • Custom mix
Trusted Silicone Ladle Supplier
Trusted Silicone Ladle Supplier - TOGOHK

TOGOHK produces Silicone Ladles that prioritize safety, hygiene, and ease of use. We can also perfectly meet all your customization requirements and help you rapidly grow your business. Contact us now to place your order!

  • Hi Fiona,Our retail is doing exceptionally well at the moment. Here’s a review from one of my customers: “Those silicone pouches are sturdy and flexible to use. I’ve been using them for a year now, through multiple dishwasher cycles and exposure to high heat during cooking, and they still hold up perfectly. I prefer them over my wooden spoons from WS.

    Emily Tade
  • Hi Fiona,Our channels in Australia are running smoothly. Here’s a review from one of our customers: “Not only fun colors but they are decent ladles and you get four of them with this purchase. Definitely comes in handy if you are serving multiple dishes. Good price and I would buy again.”

    كيلي طومسون
  • Exactly what you need in the kitchen very thick durable a type of hard silicone that is definitely heat resistant and able to be reused over and over.

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