Custom Silicone Swim Fins Manufacturers

TOGOHK is the prime factory for manufacturing Swim Fins using silicone material. We provide tailored size requirements for every customer, offering a complete range of custom Silicone Swim Fins solutions for both adults and children.

  • Utilizing fluid dynamics design
  • Selecting high-rebound silicone material
  • طويلة الأمد وقابلة لإعادة الاستخدام
  • Custom orders start at 300 sets
  • خالي من السائل الحليبي الموجود في النباتات

TOGOHK Custom Swim Fins

Custom production of Silicone Swim Fins for swim fins training suitable for all age groups. Our 100% custom-fit silicone Swim Fins assist in propelling you forward during swimming, facilitating quick adjustments to body posture, and enhancing swimming speed.

TOGOHK offers premium Silicone Swim Fins for your selection. We have a variety of designs and options available, including swim fins training, swim fins for adults, and swim fins for kids series, among others. You’ll surely find the perfect match for your brand positioning.

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TOGOHK Silicone Swim Fins Features


Reduce the exertion on your legs, making swimming feel less tiring.


Ergonomic design, with soft silicone material effectively wrapping around the entire foot.


Silicone Swim Fins are lightweight and flexible, making them easy to carry.

طلاقة الحركة

Ideal companion for long-distance freestyle, backstroke, kicking, and other movements.

Swim Fins Size Chart

For the standard style of Swim Fins, there are several size options available:

  • XXS: 27-29
  • XS: 30-32
  • S: 33-35
  • M: 36-38
  • L: 39-41
  • XL: 42-44
Swim Fins Size Chart
Applications of Silicone Swim Fins

Applications of Silicone Swim Fins

Silicone Swim Fins can be used in various ways, including:

  • تدريب السباحة
  • Snorkeling enthusiasts
  • Butterfly stroke kicking
  • الغواصين المحترفين
  • راكبو الامواج
  • Water photographers

Swimming With Fins vs Without

Using Fins:

  • Increases speed and power
  • Improves technique
  • يبني قوة العضلات

Not Using Fins:

  • مثالية للمبتدئين
  • Enhances endurance
  • Helps adapt to the water
Swimming With Fins vs Without

Silicone Swim Fins Manufacturer in China : TOGOHK

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At TOGOHK, we are dedicated to creating innovative Silicone Swim Fins together with our customer partners. Over the years, we have supplied silicone products to Amazon, swimming pools, outdoor sports chain stores, and more. We have advanced production equipment and skilled technicians. We can quickly handle both small and large production orders.

We can meet your customization needs in the swimming industry. We can provide custom Silicone Swim Fins. From concept design to packaging, our experienced engineering team can provide you with fast and professional assistance.

Advantages of TOGOHK's Silicone Swim Fins

With TOGOHK’s Silicone Swim Fins solutions, you can enjoy the following advantages:

  1. Material Grade: RoHs, FDA compliance, BPA-free
  2. Hardness Options: Choose from 40, 50, 60, 70 Shore A
  3. Custom Logo: Options include printing, laser engraving, UV printing
  4. Size: OEM and ODM available for products up to 1000mm
زعانف السباحة

TOGOHK manufactures high-quality Silicone Swim Fins. Our certifications include:

  • ISO 9001: 2015
  • CE
  • بنفايات
  • الوصول
  • ASTM

Partnering with TOGOHK: The Ideal Choice for Your Swim Fins Supply

نطاق التخصيص

TOGOHK can customize according to any functional requirements needed:

  • تصميم
  • الخامة
  • لون
  • عسر الماء

We have advanced machinery in our factory in China capable of producing various shapes of Silicone Swim Fins. Our machinery includes:

  • 16 high-temperature molding machines of different tonnages
  • 4 silicone extrusion production lines
  • Clean production environment
خدمات OEM / ODM

TOGOHK provides OEM/ODM services for your Silicone Swim Fins:

  • Personalized logos created through mold engraving or laser etching.
  • Engineering team support for your ideas with expertise in materials, production processes, and design.
  • Our engineers are proficient in software such as CAD, UG, PRO-E, AI, and CDR.
  • Customized packaging options.
Silicone Swim Fins Manufacturer
Leading Silicone Swim Fins Manufacturer in China

TOGOHK is the highly professional manufacturer you’ve been seeking, offering competitive pricing, rapid response times, and expert knowledge in the field of Silicone Swim Fins. Partnering with us will help you expand your brand and grow your business.

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